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About Elfenn Illustrations


My name is Elfenn, people are often surprised but it really is my name! I come from Brittany (France) and even there it's not very common, although it comes from the Breton language.

As a child, I had a lot of fun drawing, but growing up I lost the habit and got into other activities. It was only after studying film making and starting a career as a graphic designer and layout artist that the need to explore my own world became inevitable: creating logos for others simply wasn't right for me. So in 2015 I decided to share my graphic universe. Very inspired by Montreal where I had just moved, I thought I should start with postcards.

My style, which is often described as "soft and poetic", kind of revealed itself thanks to circumstances: I have indeed gradually transfer from video to print without ever leaving my favorite tool: Photoshop.   I always base my drawings on photographs (including mine) and cut, assemble, texture and color as it pleases me. The little Elfenn has finally started to draw again ... in her own way!

Even in the heart of the city, nature always has an essential place in my creations and animals are often my main characters. They know how to speak to everyone, young and old.

In everyday life, my favorite things are: noticing strange coincidences, chocolate pancakes and watching my daughter grow up (this little cutie also loves chocolate and pancakes, is it a coincidence? I'm pretty sure it's not...)

To discover my creative process, this beautiful video directed by Yancy Chéry and produced by the Empreinte Coopérative of which I am a member will surely enlighten you!

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